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Flexibility and personalization are the main drivers of my production creation.

Cost effective yet efficient products are designed via integration of various existing parts & products with synergy from complementary working principles

Project M: A Modular Automotive Light System

This is a newly patented modular automottive light design. It consists of a common base light module, shown on the top, that is shared by multiple vehicles regardless their styling schemes. The lens module, shown on the bottom, is different among those shared vehicles. The base light module provides the "lighting" function with light sources and reflectors, etc., in a sealed housing. The lens module is installed to the base light module and provide the styling features such as shapes, colors, textures, transparency, and other aesthetic features. Each vehicle with the common base light module has different design of lens module to meet its own styling requirement. Actually each vehicle can have multiple lens modules of different designs such that one single vehicle can have different styling features from differen designs of multiple lens modules. The lens modules are actually exchangeable for the same common base light module. So an owner can replace the lens modules any time he or she likes with lens modules of different designs at minimum cost. This approach applies to both head and tail lights. Interested? Please give me a call at 248-3476122.

The following are some examples of the applications of the modular lights to some current or previous generation vehicles